Martin Audio CDD loudspeakers have been installed in the Trung Chanh Catholic Church in Vietnam. The parish church resides in the Hoc Mon diocese — a district of Ho Chi Minh City.

The church itself was founded in 1954 and today has over 6,000 catholic congregants, organising many religious activities every year.

With upwards of 1,000 people typically attending each of the Masses, the requirement for higher performance sound is essential. After receiving the go-ahead from the Bishop and parish pastoral council, Mr.Duc Dinh, a technician from Duc ProAudio specified a Martin Audio CDD10W loudspeakers system — the first time Martin Audio loudspeakers have been installed in a Vietnamese parish church.

This structure of the building is wide and long, with a vaulted ceiling. Therefore, it was decided to space 12 CDD10W loudspeakers evenly along the wall, with a further pair acting as monitors on the altar area. All loudspeakers are packaged with two Martin Audio MA5.0Q amplifiers and two DX0.5 dedicated signal processors.

Because of the wide dispersion, the CDD loudspeakers can effortlessly reach all the seating areas with evenly distributed sound to boost intelligibility. “In fact we can hear the sound perfectly clearly anywhere in the church,” confirmed both the clergy and the Bishop.